Muwin is an initiative by Madhusudan Group (Surat) to produce essential products to help flatten the Covid-19 curve. We aim to offer a range of products for a safer and a wholesome lifestyle.

Starting with a series of masks (Muloop & Muband), we will shortly launch various other products under the same umbrella.

Muwin masks are designed with the perfect combination of efficient protection and a keen sense of fashionable trends. Using fashion experience of over 30 years and expertise in producing N95 respirators, Muwin has successfully blended to create the perfect mask for day-to-day wear.

Designed for highest level of protection for an average day-to-day user, Muwin masks offer the following features:

  1. Best in class SITRA/BTS/DRDO certified filtration layer for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >=95%.
  2. Effective in protection from large particles such as dust, pollutants and fine particles such as bacteria & other particulate matter of upto 0.3 microns.
  3. They come in solid colors and various trendy prints for your use
  4. Reusable/Washable masks with anti-bacterial resistance upto 30 hand washes.
  5. Breathable, moisture wicking & a skin-friendly layer for the ultimate comfort.
  6. Built-in nose clip and around-the-head elastic design for a snug fitting.

Muwin masks have anti-bacterial resistance for upto 30 washes. It is recommended to wash them everyday after use with warm water and soap. Do not put the masks in Laundry machines.

To get the best quality protection, replace the masks every 30 days.

Muwin masks are scientifically engineered to match fashion sense with highest quality protection. While 2-ply masks (cotton or nonwoven etc..) provide protection against big particles such as dust, they are ineffective against finer particles such as bacteria, virus, and other germs. Hence, it is advisable to wear masks with proper filtration systems.

Muwin masks are available in:

Large size – ideal for grown-up people weight 65kg +

Small size – ideal for teenagers weight 30kg – 65kg

Kids size – ideal for kids below 35kg

  1. Ensure your hands are soap-washed before holding & wearing the mask.
  2. Ensure the mask is washed after every use.
  3. Do not expose the mask to direct sunlight for a significant length of time. Store in a cool & dry place.
  4. Do not share the mask with anyone else. For individual use only.

All Muwin masks are sterilised and packed. After final QC, all masks are steam heat sterilised for 30 seconds, after which they are dry heat treated for 10 minutes over 50 degrees. Finally, all precautions such as masks & gloves are used by packaging team to ensure germ-free product. Final packing is done in a single-tear plastic to make sure products are not tampered with.

Aligned with our PM Sh. Narendraji Modi’s vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and being strong proponents of “Vocal for Local”, Muwin masks are 100% Made In India.

Further, to support our local labor, we have not used any high-end automation but rather relied upon local craftsmen to manufacture these masks. Our goal is to empower our fellow countrymen while providing a world-class product.